Our History




We purchased our first Sheltie, SANDEMAR TRENDY GIRL (Missy) in the early 1970's from Harold Crapp who became a very good friend and mentor along with Betty Johnson who supplied us with our first breeding bitch ALMAROY ALL CHEER. 'Missy' was too small (12-13") to breed from but gave us the opportunity to learn a great deal about the breed. She was a real sweetie and won a challenge at just 6mths and was placed at the SSC NSW under Breed specialist John McIntosh (UK), we were hooked. Missy was only purchased as a family pet when Danielle was a toddler.

A. ALL CHEER gave us our first champion, Ch. PEERIELEE PRIDE N JOY CD owned and exhibited by Jan Boyce from  a litter born in 1976. 'Goldie' also gave us a daughter 'Shenan' in 1975 that produced 2 champions. This was a great start for us.

Our son Matthew was born in 1975 so we went to shows with pram, basket, cages, dogs and all the paraphernalia associated with having a baby, what a load enough to make most give up but we persevered.

In 1976 we purchased SHELTREENA AQUARIAN in partnership with Jan Boyce and my sister Deirdre Crofts, this was our introduction to merles and little did we know at the time what a fabulous impact this little blue girl would make on Shelties. She started the blue trend that is so evident in the ring today. We are still breeding from 'Heather's' descendants and I suspect for some years to come.

Danielle won her first handler class when only 3years old and until she turned 17 years won many, many, many more including Sydney Royal twice.

PEERIELEE became the first kennel in NSW to breed a champion in the three main colours, we are still trying for that elusive BI-Colour champion.

We also did a lot if Obedience training in the early years with Sydney All Breeds Training Club. How did we ever find the time?????

Danielle became a partner in 1988 when she was 16years old when she was showing GRAND CHAMPION PEERIELEE TRI IT MY WAY  who she owned in partnership with her aunt Deirdre.

In the 1980's we also successfully showed collies for our dear friend the late Jo Lafebre , Tjelana Kennels, taking several BEST IN SHOW at All Breed & Specialist Shows.

I gained my judges license for Shelties & Collies in 1986 and Working (Herding) Group in 1988,I am now licensed for Terriers, Gundogs, Hounds, Working/Herding, Utility, Non Sporting. Danielle is licensed for Gundogs, Hounds, Working/Herding, Non Sporting

In 1995 Danielle married Garry Dryburgh already heavily involved in the dog world having come from a "doggy" family. Garry judges Terriers, Gundogs, Hounds, Working/Herding, Non Sporting

We also introduced Whippets in 1990 but no longer have any. Danielle and Garry have Shelties, Whippets and Standard Poodles .

In 2000 we imported our American and English boys to add to the gene pool and we could not be happier with the results. Thank you to those breeders who have seen the value of these boys.

We have owned and bred a great number of super dogs over the years, Each an individual that makes the breed what it is. Browse our pages to see some of our beloved companions.

Margaret Long


'Missy' our first Sheltie

Sandemar Trendy Girl


pictured at 2yrs


Almaroy All Cheer


pictured at 20mths


"Goldie" dam of our fisrt champion

"Joy" our first "Peerielee" champion

Australian Champion

Peerielee Pride N Joy CD

our first champion