15.4.07 Sydney Royal Show   Judge Mrs K Butrimova (Lithuania)
'Peerielee Hot Auction'   Junior Dog and Challenge Dog
'Peerielee Black Rain'    Junior Bitch
18.3.07 Illawarra Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club   Judge Mrs K Harris
'Peerielee Black Ice'   Junior in Breed
'Ch Peerielee Chase Th Dream'  Res Challenge Dog
'Peerielee Singn Nth Rain'  Puppy in Breed and Res Challenge Bitch
18.2.07 Dogs NSW Fundraising Committee    Judge Mrs R Bacich
'Ch Peerielee Dare to Dream'  CC  RUBOB
11.2.07 Sydney Kennel Club   Judge D Morris
'Peerielee Scatrd Clouds' Res CC Bitch
10.2.07 Toy & General Dog Club   Judge Mr G Spagnolo
'Peerielee Scatrd Clouds'   Bitch  CC
4.2.07 Wollongong & Dist KC    judge Mr W Burton
'Peerielee Scatrd Clouds'  Bitch CC RUBOB
3.2.07 Norwest Canine Assoc   Judge Mrs L Brand
'Peerielee Black Ice'  Puppy in Group  Puppy in Show
'Peerielee Hot Auction'  CC BOB Junior in Group
'Peerielee Scatrd Clouds'  Bitch CC


16.12.06 NSW Womens Dog Club   Judge: Ms J Seary
'Peerielee Black Ice'   Puppy in Group

19.11.06  Campbelltown All Breeds Kennel Club  Judge: Mr M Derbyshire

    'Peerielee Black Ice'  Puppy in Group
18.11.06  Maitland & Kurri District Kennel Club  Judge: Mr J Birch
    'Peerielee Singn Nth Rain'     Baby Puppy in Group
    'Peerielee Black Ice'    CC  RUBOB  Puppy in Group
    'Ch Peerielee Chase Th Dream'   Res CC
12.11.06  Working Dog Club of NSW  Judge: Mr J Hubbard (Vic)
    'Peerielee Black Ice'  Res CC  ***Minor Puppy in Show***
11.11.06  Port Stephens Kennel Club  Judge: Mr W Ranie(ACT)
    'Peerielee Black Ice'  Minor Puppy in Group
29.10.06  Manly & Dist Kennel Club   Judge:  Mrs R Thompson(WA)
    'Ch Peerielee Chase Th Dream'  Res CC
21.10.06 Southern Highlands Kennel Club Judge: Mrs C Camac (Vic)
    'Ch Peerielee Snow Bunny'  CC Best of Breed
    'Ch Peerielee Chase Th Dream'  Res CC


30.6.06   Lake Macquarie All Breeds Kennel Club  Judge Mr G Love
 'Peerielee Black Ice'   Baby Puppy in Group
 'Peerielee Hot Auction'  Res CC
 'Peerielee Black Rain'  2nd 3/6 months sweepstakes
 'Peerielee Scatrd Clouds' CC RUBOB  Aust Bred in Group


10.6.06 Combined Northern Canine Committee     Judge: Mrs J Arthur
'Peerielee Trick or Treat'  Challenge  RUBOB
11.6.06 Newcastle & Merewether Canine Club  AM Show  Judge: J Lowbridge
 'Peerielee Black Rain ' 3rd 3/6 Sweepstakes  Baby Puppy in Group
 11.6.06 Newcastle & Merewether Canine Club PM Show Judge: M. Arthur
 'Peerielee Black Rain'  Baby Puppy in Group
 'Peerielee Hot Auction'  Minor Puppy in Group
12.6.06 Newcastle & Merewether Canine Club Judge: Mr B Robertson
 'Peerielee Black Ice ' 2nd 3/6 Sweepstakes
 'Ch Peerielee Chase Th Dream'  Res CC RUBOB
 'Peerielee Black Rain'  Baby Puppy in Group
17.6.06 Tuggerah Lakes Kennel Club Judge: Mr B Marquette
 'Peerielee Black Ice'  2nd 3/6 Sweepstakes,  Baby Puppy in Group
 'Peerielee Hot Auction' Minor Puppy in Group
 'Peerielee Snow Bunny'  Challenge Best of Breed
18.6.06  Gosford City Canine Council   Judge: Mr H Lawrence
 'Peerielee Black Rain'  Baby Puppy in Group
 'Peerielee Ice Skater'  Challenge Best of Breed
 'Peerielee Scatrd Clouds'  Challenge Runner Best of Breed
''Peerielee Snow Bunny' Res CC


21/5/06  Ladies Kennel Assoc.   Judge: Mr K McMillan

 'Peerielee Ice Skater'  CC & RUBOB
'Peerielee Heritaglistd'  Minor in Group
5/5/06  Morisset & District Kennel Club  Judge: Mrs M Webber (Qld)
'Peerielee Ice Skater'  CC Best of Breed ,  Open in Group
7/5/06  Albion Park Kennel Club  Judge: Rev C Seymour
'Peerielee Ice Skater '  Res CC RUBOB  Open in Group
 'Peerielee Snow Bunny'  CC  Aust Bred in Group


2/4/06 Lithgow Dist Kennel Club Judge: Mrs P Davis
'Peerielee Ice Skater'  CC Runner Up Best Of Breed
1/4/06 Lithgow Dist Kennel Club Judge: Mr A Reid (Vic)
'Peerielee Ice Skater' CC &Runner Up Best Of Breed


19/3/06 Illawarra Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club Judge: Mrs G Jones
'Peerielee Ice Skater'  Best Junior Sheltie & Best Tricolour
18/3/06 Lake District Canine Club Judge: Mr G Kerr (Qld)
'Peerielee Ice Skater'  Res CC
4/3/06 Milton Show Society Judge: Mr R Marshall
'Peerielee Ice Skater'  CC
'Peerielee Snow Bunny'  Res CC &  Runner Up Best Of Breed


26/2/06 Hawkesbury Kennel Club  Judge: Mrs J Fynmore
'Peerielee Snow Bunny'  CC & Runner Up Best Of Breed


26/1/06  Australia Day International Show Judge: Dr M Woods (Canada)
'Peerielee Design A Dream' CC & Best of Breed
This gave 'Jamie' his Aust Champion Title
22/1/06  Cranbourne Dog Club  Judge: R McMurray (Canada)
'Peerielee Design A Dream'  CC & Best of Breed
21/1/06 Lang Lang P.A.& H Society Judge: B Doyle
'Peerielee Design A Dream'  CC & Runner Up Best of Breed
21/1/06  Dapto Show Society  Judge: Mr P Phelps
'Peerielee Snow Bunny'  Res CC & Runner Up Best of Breed

13/1/06  South Eastern K.C.  Twilight Show  Judge:  Mr. I. Thick (SA)

'Peerielee Design A Dream'  Dog CC & Best of Breed

14/1/06 South Eastern K.C.  Saturday Show Judge: Mrs. H. Pedersen (NSW)

'Peerielee Design A Dream'  Dog CC & Best of Breed

 14/1/06 Albion Park AH & I Soc Judge: Miss E Davies (NSW)

'Ch Peerielee Chase Th Dream' Dog CC

'Peerielee Snow Bunny' Bitch CC, Best of Breed, **Best Exhibit in Group** Inter in Group.

8/1/06  Manly & Dist ABK&TC    Judge: Mrs B. Schmarr (NSW)

'Ch.Peerielee Chase ThDream' won Dog CC & Best of Breed and 'Peerielee Snow Bunny' won ResCC

8/1/06  Morwell Traralgon Kennel Club Judge: Mrs. T. McDonald (Qld) 

'Peerielee Design A Dream'  Res Chall

7/1/06  Central Gippsland Kennel Club  Judge: Mrs. E. Knox (NSW)

 'Peerielee Design A Dream'    Chall  RU BOB

6/1/06  Central Gippsland Kennel Club Judge: Mr. G. Gaut (Vic) 

 'Peerielee Design A Dream'  Res Chall RU BOB


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